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  • Frequently Asked Questions. Answers to the most common questions asked.

Hosting / Webhotell

  • Q: I've changed my DNS-records, how long does it take until this has been updated?
    • A: The normal TTL on domains is 1 hour. You might experience a longer wait depending on your ISP and operating system.
  • Q: Help, I typed the wrong password, and now it seems like I cant connect to the server
    • A: You are automatically blocked for 15 minutes after typing the wrong password 5 times in a row, wait and try again. If you type the wrong password 5 more times you are blocked permanently and you have to send a support ticket to support@host1.no to get un-blocked.
  • Q: Do you support IPv6?
    • A: We support IPv6 on all customer VPS. There are not support for IPv6 on Webhotel servers, and is not planned to be supported.
  • Q: I am a webhotel customer, what do I use as "mysql host" and port in Wordpress,joomla and similar?
    • A: Use "localhost" as the MySQL host and port 3306 (default port).
  • Q: I just ordered a webhotel/VPS, how long does it take until its active
    • A: Orders placed in working hours are usually procecced between 5-60 minutes. Orders placed in weekends may not be processed before next working day.
  • Q: Which nameservers should i use?
    • A: Go to Hosting, identify the server you are on and use the nameservers listed there.
  • ̈́ Q: What is the address to cPanel?
  • Q: What is the address for my webmail?
  • ̈́ Q: How do i reset my FTP/Cpanel password?
    • A: Log in to your customer panel, choose your product (In this case web hotel) and you will see "Change password"
  • Q: How do i upgrade my existing web hotel?
    • A: Log in to your customer panel, then go to products/services, enter your webhotel, then go to administration then Upgrade/Down-grade.
  • Q: I accidentally deleted my files on the web hotel, can you restore the backup for me?
    • A: We take backups every night, though these backups are intended for disaster recoveries. We can restore your web hotel for an additional charge. We highly recommend that you take backups your self.
  • Q: I am web hosting customer, how do I create a custom php.ini file?
    • A: You can create custom php.ini files by creating a php.ini file and placing it in your webroot folder.
  • Q: How do I add an additional domain on my web hotel?
  • Q: Help, I've exceeded my bandwidth quota, what do I do?
    • A: You will have to upgrade your webhosting package to one that contains more bandwidth.
  • Q: How do I allow remote MySQL connection to my database?
    • A: Locate MySQL when you have logged into your Cpanel account, open "remote mysql" and add your IP-address.


  • ̈́ Q: Can I get more than one IP?
    • A: Yes, if you can justify your needs. Please se RIPE's policy for allocation.
  • Q: Can you assign a IPV6-NET to me?
      • A: Yes, on VPS'es in Cloud1, also on Dedicated servers. Always free.


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